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Meet Sheila Startz, Founder of Custom Window Wear

I began my career in the window fashion industry more than 20 years ago. My husband and I had purchased a new home and had a terrible experience with our window treatment purchase. With two young children and a desire to leave corporate America, I began my adventure in the window fashions industry, and I have never looked back.

Passion Meets Interior Design

My passion and mission were simple – treat each and every client, regardless of budget, exactly as I would want to get be treated as a client. I started out working for a small company and then went on to work for a major retailer and eventually a company that offered design services as well as window treatments. After years of winning sales contests and being secure in my window treatment knowledge, I took the leap of faith to start my own business. In 2005 I opened the doors of Custom Window Wear. Keeping my original mission, I wanted to go further to create the best customer experience possible before, during, and after the initial consultation. That philosophy opened the door to a more significant interest in interior design as I developed more in-depth relationships with my clients.

I began doing small projects for clients and expanded to offer full design services in 2014. Not having a degree in interior design, I was cautious to step into the design waters. I quickly discovered that offering my services at a fair price and doing something I loved was a “win-win” for me as well as my clients. Taking another leap of faith, Custom Window Wear & Design Solutions was born in 2015. My primary focus is still window treatments, and as of January 2019, I am proud to announce that I have achieved the level of Priority Centurion Dealer with Hunter Douglas.

I have been working in interior design for the last ten years. Prior to moving to Colorado, I was a designer and project manager in Orlando, working on a variety of commercial and hospitality projects at Walt Disney World properties. Since moving to Denver, I’ve focused more on residential projects. I absolutely love helping clients re-imagine their homes to create functional and beautiful spaces that can be enjoyed for years.

Beautiful window treatments are essential to a well-designed home, and I am very comfortable with the entire line of Hunter Douglas products as well as custom draperies. Additionally, I have extensive, working knowledge of paints, pigments, and best practices regarding their application, as well as all major fabric and wallpaper manufacturers, types of wood and wood finishing techniques, achieving unique surface finishes, and sourcing specialized and high-end custom furniture, fixtures, and millwork.

Sheila and I share a passion for design, dedication to excellent results, and emphasis on our client’s needs. Contact us to learn how we can help beautify your space.


Dress Your Home From Floor to Ceiling with Custom Window Wear

What started with “What’s your window wearing?” has now become “Dressing your home from floor to ceiling.” My home base is Magnolia, TX, but I commute to Denver, CO monthly and maintain my business there. Some might question the logistics of that, but I wasn’t ready to give up the clientele I had worked so hard to build just because my husband was relocated to Texas. I have found a beautiful balance that allows me to work in both in Texas and Colorado with no negative impact on my clients.

When you are ready to explore the wonderful world of window fashions and interior design, please call Custom Window Wear to find out how we can be of service to you. Call today and let Sheila “Dress Your Home from Floor to Ceiling!”

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