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Decorative Hardware to Enhance Your Window Treatments

Finding the proper curtain rods and finials for your windows is a critical step in completing your desired look. Choosing these decorative hardware items wholly completes the overall look and design for your new window treatments. This hardware will absolutely enhance the treatment and help bring your beautiful curtains, drapes, and shades to life. They can help make the ordinary look extraordinary while at the same time providing the function required for each window.

Drapery hardware can be a tricky item. Different drapery styles have specific hardware needs and mistakes can easily happen if the project isn’t properly planned from the beginning. Whether you choose an ornate and pattern heavy treatment or you enjoy something simple yet sophisticated, we will help you find the perfect hardware to compliment the overall design. We have hardware options in all materials – wood, metal, wrought iron, and even hand-blown glass.

light blue drapery

Add a Touch of Elegance with Superior Products

Not all hardware is created equal! Working with reputable, quality vendors in the decorative hardware industry means that you get superior products for your new curtain rods, finials, and brackets. This hardware adds a touch of elegance to even the most basic window treatments. It all comes down to the details of the material used or the finish used on the hardware. Custom Window Wear will help find the best option for your new treatment because the hardware can make or break your enjoyment of the window treatment. Below are some of the hardware specialists we have chosen to work with based on their style, sophistication, and dedication to craftsmanship:

Hardware Vendors:
ONA Drapery Hardware
Paris Texas Hardware
The Finial Company
And many more…


Trusted Professionals at Custom Window Wear

The interior design professionals at Custom Window Wear have over 20 years of experience helping find the perfect final touches with decorative hardware for our clients. It has been said that window treatments are the dressing on a window and hardware is the jewelry or accessory to the outfit. We work diligently to find the perfect accessory to pair with your beautiful window treatments. Call us today to schedule your consultation so you can put the finishing touches on your design visions.

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